Articulated (Knuckle) Boom Cranes

LMI for Knuckle Boom Cranes
Telescopic Boom Cranes / Reach Stackers

LMI for Telescopic Mobile Cranes
Lattice Boom (Crawler) / Pipelayer Side-Boom Cranes

LMI for Lattice Boom (Crawler) Cranes

The Working Principle of the System

When the vehicle arrives at load moment limit, the system allows the movements which reduces the load center only. ECU (electronic control unit) has an output for audio and 3 outputs for green, amber and red warning lights. Green lamp is activated until 90% of load limit. After 90% of load limit amber lamp starts up and green lamp is deactivated. Red lamp lights up continuously within 100% of the load limit and audio warning output is activated as well.

After %100 of the limit, the output for valve activation is blocked. Furthermore the outriggers' touch the ground state is constantly kept under control via micro switches. Valve activation is also blocked in case of any outrigger is off the ground.

In case of a critical situation and operator needs to use initiative by taking responsibility, there is a by-pass input (button) which deactivating electronic limiter for 10 seconds. However this event is logged in black-box (event logger).

Our Electronic Control Units are designed according to comply with EN ISO 13849-1, which is the top level safety norm of the EU.

LMI Systems for Tug Boat Cranes

Product Kits are ready to mount

Ready LMI System
Ready LMI System
Ready LMI System

Ready LMI System
Ready LMI System
Ready LMI System
We deliver LMI kits with cables and connectors ready (as in the photos). You receive it ready to be mounted by crane. You save both time and wiring costs.

Some Videos from Customers

Telescopic Boom Crane

Gantry Harbour Crane

Knuckle Boom Crane

Basic LMI for Marine Crane